Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise

There’s a complete lack of enthusiasm for and knowledge about fitness and exercises among children. But their role in a child’s life cannot be ignored.

Exercise makes children into team players gets them to be more relaxed, more motivated in life and helps them also facilitates kids to open up easier to other kids. Get new kid to the school on the playground and make him play a game with the other kids and sweep how fast he will drop his inhibitions and make friends.

Exercises are good for a child’s cardiovascular system: they help build muscles and stamina, especially for children between 12 and 15 year. Starts the day with a 15 – minute’s morning exercise and the child will remain alert and productive all day in school.

Nutrition points

Smart eating is the key to smart time management. It’s power food theat gives tyout the energy to go the extra mile and sustain memory no one can deny that poor food choices and low energy levels can ground the most ambition plans.

Here are some ways to combat it and give yourself that extra time with energy:

  • Nerve cells require acetylcholine for healthy functioning Nerve cells require acetylcholine for healthy functioning and a sharp memory. it is formed in the body from lecithin, which is found in eggs, sunflower oil and soybean oil.
  • A diet heavy in oil , dairy products or meat makes your body work hard at digestion, which actually means that your brain is actively involved in the process thus, mental clarity and receptivity decrease
  • Avoid foods like white bread, bagels, pasta, sugar, and sweeteners.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, dried beans and legumes instead.
  • Teens who consume twice as much fizzy drinks as milk are in for big disappointments. Fizzy drinks lead to overweight, stomach upsets and irregular heart patterns. The caffeine in these can affect sleep patterns, especially if consumed late at night.
  • If you hate milk, substitute with cheese and yogurt.
  • Is any kind of breakfast better than no breakfast all? Sorry , no. A doughnut, for example, provides a quick rush of energy that lasts about 40 minutes, the time that it takes to get to the classroom from the breakfast table. The ideal breakfast is one theta includes dairy, fruit and cereal.
  • Do not substitute with juice, it lacks fiber.
  • Everyday a teenager should eat 6-11 servings from the grain grou,3 -5 servings from the vegetable group, 2-4 serving from the fruits group, 4 serving from the dairy group and 2-3 servings from the protein group which includes meat, fish, poultry, eggs, beans and nuts.